Black Pearl Digital AG announces invitation to an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on a capital increase with pre-emptive rights

Munich, 27.07.2018 – Today the Management Board of Black Pearl Digital AG (ISIN: DE000A2BPK34) resolved, with the approval of the Supervisory Board to invite shareholders to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 10th September 2018. Apart from approval of a new authorised capital (Authorised Capital 2018), shareholders will be asked to vote on a capital increase including pre-emptive rights of existing shareholders. It is suggested to increase the existing nominal share capital of EUR 275,000.00 against contribution in cash of up to EUR 2,750,000.00 to up to EUR 3,025,000.00 by issuing up to 2,750,000 new no-par-value bearer shares with an imputed share in the capital stock of EUR 1.00 each. The new shares will have dividend rights as of 1st January 2018. It is suggested to authorise the Management Board with the approval of the Supervisory Board to set the subscription price as well as all further parameters of the capital increase in line with the general market conditions prevailing on the date such decision will be taken. In case the Extraordinary General Meeting approves all agenda points, the expected proceeds of the planned capital increase will be used to expand the Company’s operational business. The respective invitation will be published in the Bundesanzeiger shortly.