Net-Digital offers professionalism. We deliver exactly what our customers need. Our commitment was and remains to our customers and we do anything possible to bring them success. We are suppliers. We are supporters. We are investors. We are facilitators. We are advisors. Those are the main reasons why we seek professionals with broad expertise. Net-Digital needs people that think ahead of time. Net-Digital needs people that have a tremendous amount of potential to do something more and bring something more.

Different positions in different business areas

Do you have professional experience? How long have you worked on your expertise? Do you want to implement new challenges in your life? What do you think about commerce? Does this field excite you? Are you passionate about it? If the answers to these questions are yes, then, you are in the right place and Net-Digital is the right and only choice for you. Experienced professionals are welcomed here, and they can find many different activities and chances for improvement in sales, IT, services, and head offices.


Yes, promotions happen in our company all the time. To be more specific, Net-Digital offers its employees a chance to improve and force their careers forward. Our company can expand your personal skill set and set clear career goals. Net-Digital can help you with different pieces of training and development options. Systematic management training is also available at us. Do not hesitate – we offer investment in your future.

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