• Entry in the commercial register already made in July
  • Specialist in artificial intelligence (AI) based on neural networks
  • Fiscal year 2021 is focused on acquiring new customers and expanding into new business areas
  • AI solution for protection of minors in image and video processing in real time
  • Expansion of AI applications to include intelligent traffic telematics


Düsseldorf, 12. August 2021. net digital AG (ISIN: DE000A2BPK34, WKN: A2BPK3, ticker symbol: VRL) bundles the activities in the field of artificial intelligence ( AI) in the newly founded irisnet GmbH. Irisnet GmbH is a young company that has specialized in the development of artificial intelligence based on neural networks. The start-up has been founded two years ago in one of the subsidiaries of net digital AG. With the entry in the commercial register on July 5, 2021, the spin-off became an independent company.

Irisnet has developed its own AI framework and offers software solutions for recognition of objects in images and videos in real time. Head of the company is founder and managing director Dr. Walter Benzing. An experienced team of specialists is constantly developing the AI solutions in order to expand into new business areas with additional application options. irisnet has already won its first well-known customers, particularly from the social media / dating sector.

Irisnet’s AI is trained using machine learning. The focus is currently on image and video recognition in the following areas:

– Data protection and protection of minors

– Person and object recognition

– Face recognition

– Text recognition

The irisnet AI software will be further developed according to the special requirements of the customers and distributed via various usage, delivery and license models (managed service, on-premise / on-demand software, cloud-based solution).

In addition to various other products, one focus is on AI photo screening. This is increasingly used on social media platforms, for example, to control the uploading of photos in real time with a focus on the protection of minors. The steadily growing legal requirements for providers of platforms and services on the Internet (e.g. social media, dating, music, video, etc.) open up a great market potential for the use of AI for irisnet.

“We are consistently developing the technology and AI trainings of irisnet, in accordance with the wishes of the customers and in order to improve quality,” explains Managing Director Dr. Walter Benzing. “As irisnet GmbH’s first business year, the current year will be an exciting challenge that I’m really looking forward to. With our AI technology and our first regular customers, we are well positioned to enter a profitable area in the next six months. The current development, especially with regard to the increasing number of inquiries from service providers, makes me very confident about the further course of the year. We are also working on new use cases for our AI technology in the field of intelligent traffic telematics. Together with our partners, we have launched a research project on the use of artificial intelligence in traffic light control. The aim is to develop further business areas for irisnet technology so that we can target a larger market in the medium term. ”

Theodor Niehues, CEO of net digital AG adds:” I am delighted that irisnet is starting as an independent company. This step gives us the opportunity to open up the growth market for AI technology quickly, in a focused and targeted manner under the umbrella of net-digital. In this way irisnet itself has the chance to grow sustainably. net digital AG benefits from the increasing awareness of irisnet and also from synergies between the products and services of the subsidiaries. An example of this is the use of AI in the field of digital payment.”

Further information about irisnet GmbH can be found at irisnet.de


About net digital AG

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