• Aggregate operating performance increases by 32 percent to EUR 5.49 million
  • EBITDA up 24 percent to EUR 0.54 million despite higher sales expenses
  • Successful in international new customer acquisition
  •  Payment business strong and additional growth potential through artificial intelligence
  • Good second half-year expected and forecast for full year 2022 confirmed

Düsseldorf (25 August 2022): net digital AG (ISIN: DE000A2BPK34, ticker symbol: VRL) has significantly increased its aggregate operating performance and operating profit during the first half- year of 2022. Based on German GAAP (HGB) accounting, the aggregate operating performance during the reporting period rose by 32 percent to EUR 5.49 million from EUR 4.15 million during the same prior-year period. The EBITDA improved to EUR 0.54 million after EUR 0.43 million in the first half-year of 2021. The result was thus increased significantly by 24 percent despite high upfront costs for further new customer acquisition.
During the first half-year net digital succeeded in boosting the internationalisation of its customer base with increasing momentum. Customers from Europe in particular contributed to international growth. In the meantime, the share of sales revenues in connection with customer activities abroad is well over 50 per cent. Payment solutions for e-commerce, especially video streaming, also developed very well during the first half of 2022.
The positive business development appears to continue in the second half of 2022. Against this backdrop and based on the strong first half-year, net digital confirms its forecast for the full year 2022. An increase in aggregate operating performance of around 25 percent is anticipated with a further improvement in EBITDA. With the net digital platform and its modules, the company is excellently positioned for further growth beyond 2022. net digital expects growth impulses and further competitive differentiation from the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) in the product portfolio, amongst other things. Through its subsidiary irisnet, net digital recently entered the attractive market for traffic sensor technology with an AI project.
Theodor Niehues, CEO of net digital AG: “We have further stepped up our growth during the first half-year of 2022 and are very satisfied with our development. We are succeeding in acquiring new customers at an increasing rate both in Germany and in other European and international markets. We are therefore very optimistic about the future.”
The half-year report of net digital AG is to be published in the course of September 2022.